Crab Creative: Brand Refresh & Responsive Site UX strategy

The studio needed a brand refresh and UX overhaul, the current site wasn’t clear enough in explaining exactly what the studio specialised in.

A refreshed visual language was designed and a new UX strategy developed, focused on making the work the main feature and allowing a user to very quickly see the team’s area of expertise.

A system which loops the user’s experience, ensuring there is always something available to look at next.

You can see the Crab site here.

(Below) The previous Crab Creative homepage

(Below) The updated Crab Creative homepage

The aim of this refresh and new UX strategy was to make the services and expertise which Crab Creative offer really stand out, but at the same time, to let the work produced by Crab be the real attention grabber.

The first phase of the project was a working session where ideas for content hierarchy were discussed and quickly iterated in basic wireframe sketches. This approach allows you to see the full site and how pages and content will connect as a user flows through the website.

Once a content structure was agreed upon, the next stage was to define the site navigation and develop the user flow diagram further.

Wireframes are then created to test the content hierarchy and ensure the user flow works as planned.

Sample pages are then designed and the UI brought to life. The visual language for the Crab site was designed to have strong CTAs but to allow the work to stand out more than the site furniture.

The end result is a modern, fully responsive site which guides a user through content, delivered in manageable amounts so as not to overwhelm or frustrate the viewer who just wants to understand what Crab Creative is all about and view their work.

You can see the Crab site here.

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