Haribo: Queen’s Jubilee video & Social content strategy

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee we wanted to create something which would engage Haribo’s audience and get them involved in this memorable occasion.

And what better way to pay tribute than to create a ‘sweet’ portrait of Her Royal Highness. In order to let Haribo’s audience take part in the project and to build hype for the finished portrait, we created a microsite which allowed users to build a digital version, it needed to be a joint effort as the image had 10,000 sweets in it. Fans were invited to select 5 pieces per day and hidden inside the image were 50 ‘lucky’ sweets, each containing a hidden price.

You can see the final ‘making of’ video below.

The Jubilee microsite was a fantastic way for Haribo fans to get involved with the event. Each day users could select any five sweets on the board, these sweets would eventually reveal a portrait of the Queen, made up of 10,000 pieces.

It took our fans just one week to complete the image.

The Jubilee project was just one of the many social content campaigns we created for Haribo. As their digital partner for many years, we grew their social audience from 350,000 fans to nearly 600,000.

When we first started working with Haribo we knew that the only way to really engage an audience is to build ownership, when a fan of your product feels like they are a part of your brand they become and ambassador and for any company, that should be your ultimate goal.

For Haribo, this was achieved by creating a fun and accessible World where imagination could run free. The papercraft images you see below are a small view into that World. The Haribo sweets are our heroes and anything can happen.

This concept allowed us to always have a valid reason to be posting online, not just product or pack shots, but a story based on topical & seasonal events. It was accessible to our young audience due to it’s style, anyone can make a paper boat, put a Goldbear in it and start playing.

We started the story, with the hope that they are continuing it.

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